Monday, July 11, 2016


This week has been good!! Also super hot!! To start things off this week I went on exchanges with my zone leader Elder Wilson and he is from Farmington, UT and went to Viewmont High School haha.. Only fools are from there!! (oh wait) Haha just kidding he is a stud and we had an awesome exchange! He graduated in 2013 and I didn't know him before the mission but we know a ton of the same people #it'sasmallMormonworld That was a lot of fun!
Our investigators are doing pretty good right now, we put Carlos on date for August 27 and he accepted! He wasn't able to come to church this week though because he didn't get off of work until Sunday morning at 5 AM. Unfortunately, Howard fell off date yesterday because he didn't come to church this week. We had an appointment with him on Friday and he was just sitting in his car crying so we offered to help out and then told him we'd come back at a better time. So keep him in your prayers!! We picked up 2 new investigators this week from Mini Zion, their names are Josh and Jess, they are a married couple that has a 2 year old girl and they are awesome!! We have already had 2 lessons with them and they have been reading the Book of Mormon, we are planning on putting them on date this week so also pray for them! And we have a bunch of solid potentials from Mini Zion that we should be picking up this week! All is well!!
We were biking around in the heat and I was super sweaty (of course) and while we were stopped in the turning lane some female ladies were hollerin at me and my companion! Of course because we are very focused and consecrated missionaries, we deferred their invitation to call them after they told us their phone numbers and invited them to be baptized!! Then they drove off.... :/ They'll be baptized one day!!
Have a good week!
-Elder Larson


Lunch with the Jaccards!!!  I miss them!!


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