Monday, July 25, 2016


What's good!!

This week was good! Last Monday we went to Gettysburg, PA with a member and that was a ton of fun! It is amazing how much history is out here. Thanks to the mission boundaries change we are now able to go up to Gettysburg, but it was a ton of fun! On Tuesday we had the last district meeting of the transfer and had to say goodbye to half of our district but we had a super spiritual instruction on being consecrated missionaries. That transfer went by way fast!

Wednesday we went down to the Columbia Stake Center and I finally got to meet my new companion. His name is Elder Nelson and he's a stud! He's from SLC, UT and it's his first transfer! As soon as we got back into our area we threw his luggage in the apartment and got out to work! He got a good introduction to missionary work this week, it was around 100 degrees all week and everyone was especially unfriendly hahaha! Also we had a ton of appointments fall through so we spent a ton of time walking in the sun talking to people. Welcome to missionary work Elder Nelson haha! For real though we got to talk to a ton of people and a bunch of them seem to be pretty solid, so hopefully this next week is better!

On the bright side of things, we got back in with Carlos for the first time in a couple weeks, he has been super busy lately but it was good to get in contact with him. Hopefully we'll be able to get him to church this week! Pedro is still killing it, it is amazing what the Spirit is teaching him without us even having to say anything. We weren't able to see Howard this week because an hour before our apartment with him his car broke down in Rockville (the adversary) so that was a bummer.

Yesterday we were walking around almost all day after church trying to find people to teach but nobody was home for some reason. It was super hot but on the bright side we got 7 water bottles (each) from random people that saw us and felt bad for us haha #sympathytoconvert All is well here in Walkersville! Have a good week!

-Elder Larson

Happy Pioneer Day!

Elder Nelson & I

The squad aka district

The no flex Zone

Goodbye Elder Chester

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