Monday, October 17, 2016


What's up guys?

This week was super good! The Chesapeake area is awesome! My new companion is Elder Carlson and he is from Denver, CO. He's been out a little over 4 months longer than me, he's a stud!! The area that we work in is awesome! We cover a part of Baltimore (which is where we do all of our missionary work) and we live up a little further north in a really nice area where we won't get jumped or robbed at night, it's a good deal! Also the work is going crazy here!! We have 6 people that are going to get baptized in the next couple of weeks, dang!! Hopefully a lot more after that too! This is gonna be a sweet area!!

This last week I had to say goodbye to a bunch of the members and investigators in the Walkersville ward which was pretty sad, it was super weird to finally leave that area! The ward there was way awesome but I'm not gonna lie it got a little old doing missionary work in the same 2 areas all the time (the Walkersville area is tiny). But the area I'm in now is massive and there are 500x more people to talk to so I'm really excited! Baltimore is crazy though!!! While we were talking to a potential investigator about setting up an appointment with her (btw she had like 10 kids) some guy drove his car down the street blasting some ghetto hood rap music (my jams;) all of her daughters (younger than 10) started "dropping it low" right in front of us haha! Just to give you a glimpse into what we see every day! I'm sure there will be plenty of stories to follow!

Have a good week!!

-Elder Larson

Josh and Jer

Gilly the Kid!!

Brian and Angie!!

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