Monday, October 3, 2016


Hey squad!

Fun week this week! First of all conference was this weekend and I'm sure that most of you already knew that... But conference is the best as a missionary!! It is our Super Bowl! There were some fantastic talks and the Spirit was so strong the whole time! One of my favorite talks (who I can't remember gave it right now) was about how whenever we have a question or a doubt or with any big decision that we are going to make in life, don't trust anyone but God for the answer! No matter how smart or how experienced someone might be, it is only fair to ourselves if we listen and follow the counsel given by our Heavenly Father. After all, he is all knowing and created us all!

This week we picked up a new investigator, his name is Dan. Dan is not really your typical investigator... The reason I say that is because he is 70 years old (usually older people are very set in their ways and already know everything) and he lives in a really nice neighborhood (that's not where most of the missionary work gets done). But he is awesome! We contacted him a few weeks ago and he was really intrigued about what we do as missionaries and actually asked us for literature, so we gave him a Restoration pamphlet and set a return appointment with him. Last week we dropped by and he had read the entire pamphlet and was very eager to learn more about it, as he has been Catholic his entire life. Surprisingly he is very open to change and really wants to follow God. Right now he is reading the Book of Mormon and we're going back next week to teach him! Also Mariah is getting ready for her baptism this Saturday which we are really excited about. She is going to have her baptism interview tomorrow and hopefully all will go smooth with her baptism! All the other investigators are doing great too!

Mom, don't read this paragraph!!!! Last night while we were walking around talking to people we ran into a guy walking his dog who informed us that apparently there is a group of people in Frederick that go around at night dressed as clowns and rob and even kill people.... And the scary part is that's not the first time we have heard about that either... Yikes! Good thing we're on God's side!

Have a good week!

-Elder Larson

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Ready for biking in the rain c:

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