Monday, December 26, 2016


What's up fam??

This week was crazy!! Of course because it was the week before Christmas, nobody wanted to talk to us or see us. But don't worry that can't effect the power of God in bringing forth His work!!! It's fun to be on his team!!

To start it out, on Monday night we were wandering around in Baltimore and we stopped by this less active family that hasn't had all their kids baptized yet and they were super cool! They said that they want to start coming back to church and they want to get their kids baptized and blessed so we're gonna start working with them now! The rest of the week we had to deal with a bunch of stuff so we didn't have a lot of time to find new investigators and by Thursday we were worried that we wouldn't be able to find 2 new ones this week (because Friday we had a mission Christmas conference, Saturday was only a part day of working and Christmas we didn't work all day). On Thursday we were praying super hard to find 2 new investigators that day in the little time remaining that we had to work. Sure enough, Heavenly Father came through (He always does) but not just with 2 new investigators! We stopped by the family of one of our investigators (Salomon from Congo) and they let us in immediately and we started teaching their whole family! If you didn't know, African families are HUGE and super in tune with the Spirit! That day we picked up 5 new investigators there and by the time the lesson was over, at least 5 more people came in that said they would meet with us next time. Dang!!!!! So sick!!!! Teaching families is the best!!

I had the opportunity this week to play the guitar with Elder Chamberlain (who went to Viewmont too) at the mission Christmas conference and in sacrament meeting yesterday it was awesome! It turned out a lot better than I'd expected, we only had 3 days to practice for it.

Missionary work on Christmas Eve is usually really slow so we decided to speed it up a little bit and we went on a blitz with our district to pass out Light the World cards and whoever won got a blizzard from DQ. My companion and I knocked at least 500 doors and handed out 129 Light the World cards, all on Christmas Eve before 4 PM. Of course we won the contest!!!

I hope y'all had a good Christmas!!

-Elder Larson

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