Monday, January 2, 2017


What's up!!

This week was super good!! First of all I hope that y'all had a good New Years and that you set some money goals for this year! To start the week off last week we started teaching Samara Goodwin and she is awesome!! Her dad is a recent convert and her mom has been a member for a while and she is super solid! She wants to get baptized super bad!! And when we go over to teach them they usually feed us:)

We had another crazy week of finding! We found 5 more investigators this week it was awesome! 3 of them are from that same family that we found last week, now we are teaching 9 of them!! Family of 9!!! And there are more of them too! Super sick!! They are doing good. Also this week at church we were supposed to have 6 people come to church but right before church they all bailed because of various reasons!! Dang!! But Heavenly Father brought a man named Greg to church with his girlfriend and we picked him up as an investigator and he seems solid!! Super cool! Also we saw a ton of sketchy stuff happen on the bus that I'm not gonna tell you about sorry haha:) New Years Eve we got some sketchy Baltimore Chinese food and hung out with the other elders at the church! It was a good week!

Have a good week!

-Elder Larson

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