Monday, February 13, 2017



What's good? This week was awesome! First of all, we had 3 baptisms on Saturday! Renee and her daughter Rebecca and then Samara all got baptized this last week! It was such a sick experience! Funny story behind the baptism: we went to the church an hour and 15 mins before the baptism started to start filling up the font and then we went to go print out the baptism programs and we didn't find out until 25 minutes before the baptism that we forgot to put the fonts plug in! Oops!!! So we didn't have nearly as much water in the font as we would have preferred for the baptism, in fact it barely went over our knees, but it all worked out! I got to baptize Renee and the first time, I'm not gonna lie, we were not even close to getting her all the way under the water haha.... But somehow miraculously the second time she was fully immersed and it all worked out! I was super nervous about that! Rebecca and Samara weren't a problem at all thank goodness! It was awesome though!

On top of that we have been seeing all sorts of other amazing miracles! Greg is another one of our investigators and he came to their baptism and is looking forward to his in the beginning of March. Katrina is going to be getting baptized this Saturday which we are really pumped about that! Picture in your mind what you think a typical older, super positive, Hallelujah, Baltimore black lady would be like, and that is Katrina!! She is the best!! The week after that Troy, Renee's son, is getting baptized as well. He came to church yesterday and he was telling us that he is super glad that he did because while he was in church he opened up his Book of Mormon and the first thing that he read was about baptism, so he knows that he needs to get baptized now! Super dope! Also we had a less active family in our ward show up to church (they are from Africa) and the were all in these sick ritualistic robes and they told us that their cousin just moved in with them and that he wants to be baptized so we are going by today to go teach him! Super cool! Good stuff is happening here!

Also yesterday we got our call-outs and we found out, to our surprise, that Elder Howard is getting transferred and I'll be staying here for another one. Dang! I'm super excited to be staying but I'm gonna miss Elder Howard! Elder Jones will be my new companion, he came out with me!

I hope y'all have a good week!

-Elder Larson

Rolls Royce in Bmore

We get that money!

Ferrari on the same day we found the Rolls Royce, dang!


Renee and Rebecca!!

L to R: Troy, Marvin, Renee, Rebecca, Tyion #TheSquad


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