Monday, February 20, 2017


Gucci ,

This week was Gucci. You already know that it was super crazy aka lit fire swag #300!!! A bunch of crazy stuff happened this week, both good and bad. So I'm gonna start off with the bad first... SO on the day of her baptism,,,,,, Katrina woke up super sick with a very bad fever. Dang, that is not lit fire swag #300!!! In case you are unaware, the adversary works SUPER hard with our investigators the week before (and especially the day of) their baptism. And he is very obvious about it too! BUT, fear not because the Lord is at the head of this work. Katrina has cancer of the bones so her immune system is weak because of all the chemo therapy that she was devastated that she had to miss her baptism but she will be getting baptized in a few weeks when she is fully recovered. Keep her in your prayers!

Now it's time for the lit fire swag #300 news! Elder Jones just got transferred here last week and he is a stud!!! We are gonna have the sickest transfer and get so much work done! He's from American Fork, UT (fun fact- only my second (of 11) companion from Utah!) We've already had a ton of fun and seen some crazy miracles. This last week we picked up a new investigator, Sebastian, on Monday. He is the one that showed up to church with his family that has been less active but is coming back. Anyways, on Friday when we went back to teach him, he already got an answer about the Book of Mormon! While he was reading it he received a some very important personal revelation and he recognized that it was because he was reading the Book of Mormon so he knows that it is true! So we put him on date for March 11, so money!! He's solid! March 11 is gonna be a good day, Katrina, Greg, Sebastian and Troy should all be getting baptized on that day. That's what's up!

Anyways, I hope y'all have a lit fire swag #300 week!!! You know we will in BMORe!

-Elder Larson

The only nice place in Baltimore!:)

Dolphins Crib!!  @ BMore Aquarium!!!

Elder Jones (5 head)

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