Monday, May 8, 2017


Hey Fam!

"Nothing lasts forever, even cold November rain."

      ~Guns N Roses

We started this week off on exchanges with some elders in our zone that have been struggling lately because of some health issues. Nevertheless the exchange that we had went really well! We were able to pick up a new investigator, Sheila, and we got to hit the streets and contact a bunch of people. As we taught Sheila, it was really cool to see the change of heart that she had as we taught her about the Book of Mormon. At first she was very stand off-ish and wasn't down with changing anything. As we taught about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon her countenance changed and she was then really excited to read the Book of Mormon. The Book is legit!!

We found a gigantic spider in our apartment!

Sunday night we were flying around trying to find a new investigator because we had only found one so far that week so far. Everyone that we were trying by was bailing too hard on us. Uh oh!! The Lord is at the helm though so there was no need to fear. We stopped by a potential that somebody referred to us, her name is Valentine, and she is from Africa. That day she had been really bummed out about how wicked the world was and in particular how wicked Baltimore was. (For your information, yes it is in fact a wicked place) She was losing hope in the world until she saw us walking up to her apartment to knock on her door. She immediately let us in and we taught her, her husband John, and then 4 of her children that are from the ages of 16 to 22 and picked all 6 of them up as investigators! It was so sick!!!! I love teaching families!!! The Spirit was so strong and they were all so excited to read the Book of Mormon. Such a sweet miracle!

Yesterday we got the call that I will be getting transferred this Wednesday. I'm super bummed to be leaving Baltimore but I'm pumped for what lies ahead! I'll be going to Fairview, Pennsylvania as the junior companion to a district leader. It's gonna be so sick!!!! This will be my first time serving out of Maryland. I'm gonna miss this place though!

Have a good week!!!

-Elder Larson

Justin's Baptism

Christus statue at Johns Hopkins

Johns Hopkins

Justin's pumped up texts before his baptism

More baptism pics

Post baptism cleaning life

Miami Beach postin

Inner Harbor = the only nice part of Baltimore

Sebastian and the Ajayis

Baptism clean up

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