Monday, May 22, 2017



This week was filled with miracles, calorie-burning activities, trailer parks and nature. I hope that your week was very similar!

Elder Jones and I had a very strong resolve to find a bunch of people to teach this week and to do what the Lord would have us do in His work. At the same time, we also faced the challenge of having a low amount of miles on our vehicle for the rest of the month. So we decided to hit the streets on our bikes and talk to as many people as we could! On Tuesday we knocked into a man named James who just moved up here from Florida. We taught him the Restoration and picked him up as an investigator and guess what!!! He lives on ELDER AVE hehe... It was bound to happen! After biking around all day and helping some people out, we had a long bike ride ahead of us to an appointment with some potentials. We either had to go all in or bail out! We really didn't want to bike 8 miles out and then 8 miles back for nothing! But we felt we should still go. As we were biking there we rode down this giant mountain (giant in east terms, hill in west coast terms) and we were flying down this thing going probably 40 mph (may or may not be exaggerated, I'm not sure how fast we were going) and the hill seemed like it was never going to end! It was super fun to ride down but the thought of biking up that to get back to the apartment haunted me! Luckily, we got to the appointment and they were there and they let us in to teach them! Their names are Brian and Luz, Brian is in high school and is actually good friends with several of the young men in the ward. We picked them up as investigators! After we left, he sent a picture of the Book of Mormon that we left him to his friends that are in our ward and he was pumped about it! So sick!

Rewind to my second day in this area, we got to dinner with a member and as we got out of the car we pointed at their neighbor's house and said to each other: "they are going to be investigators" when we asked the members about them they told us that we should go by to see them. So we went by on Wednesday and they let us in and we picked them up as investigators! Their names are Ed and Patsy and they are super old but super awesome! They used to meet with missionaries back in the day too, super cool! Also Josh and David that we picked up last week are doing really well, good stuff is happening here!! Have a good week!!
-Elder Larson

Crab swag Maryland style!!

Ghost peppers (yes, we ate them!)
Elder Ave

Mormon Church Road

Turkey calling with Greg


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