Monday, July 24, 2017



This week was solid! On Tuesday we drove all the way up to Lancaster, PA for district meeting at Elder Lehnig's district. It was pretty solid but we were 45 minutes late because there was a big crash on the freeway on the way up there, oops! After that we exchanged and Elder Jones (yes my last companion) came with me to our area here in Columbia. It was a ton of fun to be with him again!! When we were companions we made 2 raps about missionary work and had a member (who is professionally certified) record and mix them for us. They turned out pretty sweet!! It worked out great because the member finished them up and sent them to us the day before we went on exchanges so we got to listen to them together. I will attach the songs at the bottom here. Share them with your friends and they will probably get baptized!!

The next day we exchanged back and on our way back from Pennsylvania we had to make a stop in Baltimore at one of the apartments to take care of some things there. It is an apartment that hasn't had missionaries in it for a while and in it we found an electric bike. If you were wondering, it has been cleared with President Christiansen for use by missionaries. Score!!!! We have been flying around on that thing! We just need to find another one now to go along with it!

On Thursday we helped set things up for the Sisters Specialized Conference (no we didn't attend).  But they hooked us up with some good breakfast! For work outs that morning Elder Burtenshaw rode the electric bike around while I jogged, good times! On Friday we drove out to good ole' Hagerstown and went on exchanges with the elders there. Hagerstown is the ward that I was trained to be a missionary in and it was pretty dang weird to be back there! We even got to work with some people that I worked with when I was there that are still working on getting baptized! Crazy!

On Sunday our investigator James came to church so we were pumped about that! The C1 (Columbia 1st) ward has been on fire with missionary work lately! We have put a bunch of effort into working with them this transfer and they have been coming in clutch! Some members invited their friend Isaac to church and we hooked him up with the missionaries in Ellicott City and they are going to start teaching him. #D1Bound!! Also we picked up 2 new investigators this week!

Have a good week!!

-Elder Larson
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