Monday, April 11, 2016


What's good???

I hope y'all had a good week!!! I'm sorry if my first couple lines are the same every single week I never can remember what I started out with last week! Anyways this week was crispy fresh!!! Aka we had a good week! It was a little on the crazy side but that is always a good thing!

During district meeting we got a phone call from our man Chris (potential gator) cancelling our appointment with him because he got in an argument with his buddy and vandalized his car and now he is running away from the cops! (Yes, that is the same one that we watched smoke crack) Then we got a phone call from him later that night while we were studying telling us how he is homeless now and still hiding from the cops and he is gonna go to jail when they find him with lots of colorful language complimenting every other word that he said. That was not the most spiritual planning session! But he said that he needs the gospel in his life so hopefully he doesn't go to jail so we can give it to him haha!

We had some sick lessons with Jason this week, we put him on date to be baptized on May 7th, and he is super pumped for it! The only problem with him is that he smokes. He wants to stop but he is pretty dang addicted to it, so keep him in your prayers!! Also we are probably gonna start teaching his fiance! 

This week we picked up 4 new investigators and they are all brothas!!! Michael is 17 and he boxes and he is super fresh, Daniel is 18 and graduated the same year as me, he's also a trendy brotha. Terrance is another one, he is a minister at his church, Mount Calvary Methodist, and he is 22 yrs old. He is super dope though! We went over to teach him on Friday while I was on exchanges with Elder Tharp and it went super well! We taught him the Restoration and we were waiting for him to start bashing us super hard because he is a minister but he took it all in and loved it! He accepted the baptism invite and is stoked to read the Book of Mormon! #Miracle On Sunday we were taking naps during our lunch hour because it was fast Sunday and we were dead tired and we got a call from the Pasadena elders saying that there was some guy named Jamell that was waiting for us at the church! We were about to go visit him but it turns out that he rode his bike like 4 miles from his house so that he could find us at the church!! So we got up and drove over to the church going 213 mph (not really momJ) to go teach Jamell, just in case you don't know, stuff like that doesn't ever happen! So we went and taught him in the church and he is stoked about the gospel too! Miracles!!

Anyways have a good week!!!

-Elder Larson

The Granado's from the Antietam Ward!!!  Long time no see!

Sister Johnson beating the heck out of me!!

It was snowing but you can't really tell, super cold though!

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