Monday, April 25, 2016

APRIL THE 20TH....;)

What's up guys!!

This Friday I hit my 9 month mark! I feel like I have been out 3 weeks what the heck! Anyways this week was awesome! We picked up 3 new investigators this week #righteous although we have had to drop a few investigators because we haven't been able to get in with them.. But it's all good our teaching pool is pretty dang big right now, the Lord is definitely blessing us! We've got a few investigators who are really progressing right now too which is awesome to see. Jason is doing really well but he is having a hard time giving up smoking. We moved his baptism date back to May 28th, so please keep him in your prayers! Jamell is still doing well and is on date for May 14th still, we're pretty pumped about that!

We had a pretty sick miracle happen yesterday, we got a call from this lady in our ward who has been pretty sick/injured and hasn't been to church in a while and we had her on our plans (#inspiredplanning) and she needed a blessing so we went and gave her a blessing and she was not in good shape at all! She couldn't even walk and she had a ton of pain in her side and on her arm because she fell a while ago. I gave her the blessing and the whole time the Spirit was so strong! (CR: Alma 26:12) Anyways we left there and we both knew that she was gonna get better over time but earlier this morning while we were emailing we got a call from her inviting us to Golden Corral, so we went there and she was flying around like she was never even in pain! Apparently immediately after we gave her the blessing the pain was lifted from her and she felt a ton better, for the first time in months she said! It is amazing how much power is in the priesthood! I have a huge testimony of priesthood power and how much faith can do! (It is funny when even non members ask us to give them blessings because they know that the power is real and that it works too). The blessings of the priesthood can and will be available to all of us if we do the things the Lord commands us to.

On the temporal side of things, April 20th was pretty crazy here! (420) Literally everywhere we went it smelled like weed! Haha we had so many people run away from us because they thought we were cops and they didn't want to get busted! It was a good day to cry repentance to everyone hahaha.

Also Elder Burtenshaw is getting transferred:( and I'm staying here in Glen Burnie, and my homie Elder Boyd is gonna be my companion! This transfer went by way too fast!

Anyways, I hope y'all have a good week!

-Elder Larson

Elder Tharp and I had a nice jam sesh today at Guitar Center, I wish I could send the vids!

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