Monday, April 4, 2016


Hola como esta, bien??

My Spanish is super weak sauce I'm sorry! There are a lot of Hispanic people around here so that is what they have to deal with! This week was awesome though! We had the mini missionary for half the week but we had to say goodbye to him on Thursday:(:( (His name is James btw) But James got a pretty good introduction to missionary life! In the first few hours with him there was what we presume to be a shooting at the gas station down the street from our place where there were at least 15 cop cars and an ambulance and a fire truck. We didn't get to see what happened but we did see them arrest some brotha and throw him in the back of a cop car. And after that we got swarmed by a bunch of hood kids that thought we were in a movie and wanted our autographs but when we told them we weren't they were all very disappointed and walked away but I asked them if they were in a movie and asked them for their autographs and they all came back and signed a passalong card haha! And idk why but the work was super good when James was with us, we taught a bunch of lessons and even got to go to the temple with our investigator Brandi! We need to have him with us more!

We were in Inner Harbor Baltimore for zone training and an elder in our district gave some money to some homeless people at McDonalds (definitely not recommended unless you want to get jumped) and got them all kicked out of McD's for begging haha it was jacked up!! Anyways after zone training we ate at this super ghetto chicken place called Hip Hop Chicken which was pretty good but it destroyed us!! Elder Burtenshaw threw up a bunch and I thought I got away without getting sick but it caught up to me on Friday and I was down and out! Dang! But we still helped rescue a dog from getting hit by a car on Friday that was sick! We started teaching this guy named Tello who is super dope! He tells us all the time that we are "gansgta" for going around and talking to people and he said that we are the only white people that all the people in the ghetto respect!

Conference was awesome though!! Just a quick thought from it for y'all: We know from the scriptures that Jesus was the greatest, in fact a perfect leader. He was the only person that could come to earth and by His example lead all of God's children that would accept Him. But why was He the perfect leader? Jesus Christ was a perfect leader because He was a perfect follower. Christ perfectly followed His Father's plan for Him and for all of us. We know what we have to do to follow Heavenly Father's plan. Regardless of our callings in life and in the church. We are all leaders and we are all followers. Follow Christ and be a leader to those who are around you as Christ was to us.

Have a good week!

-Elder Larson

James burning a tie for his half way (2 day) mark on the mini mission

The dog we saved:)

The squad at the Temple!!

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