Monday, June 27, 2016



This week was outrageous!!! Super wild!! First of all, we got the news this week that they are changing the mission boundaries, we are losing the Annapolis stake from our mission and it and all the missionaries in it are going to the Washington DC North Mission, that's crazy!!! If I would have stayed in Glen Burnie one more transfer I could be getting moved to the DC North Mission at the end of this week... Good thing I got transferred because Maryland Baltimore Mission is the best!!!! So I called and said goodbye to a bunch of the elders leaving our mission in that zone, including my last companion, it's super crazy! We are getting 2 stakes from the Pittsburgh Pennsylvania mission, Chaimbersburg and Lancaster PA so we will see how that is! Big changes!!

The work is starting to get going out here in Walkersville/Frederick!! We put our investigator, Howard, on date for July 23 so we're pumped for that! Him and our other investigator Brian both came to church on Sunday so that was good! After church we took Howard to the DC temple visitors center and the sisters there gave him a tour. Things are looking pretty good here! We had a few more lessons with our investigator Carlos, he is still doing well and has been reading the Book of Mormon a bunch! It is super funny because this last weekend there was a gay pride festival in downtown Frederick and he was performing there dressed up as Jennifer Lopez, and the whole time while he was making his costume of her he was listening to the Book of Mormon.. My man!!! Hahaha it's gonna be an adventure! Also we picked up a new investigator this week, his name is Arthur and he's a stud!! Hopefully you will be hearing more about him in the future!

Last preparation day Elder Chester jumped off of a rock and hurt his heel so we ended up going to urgent care to get that checked out for him, it is only bruised but they gave him crutches and a splint and told him to stay off of it for a while so that has been fun to deal with! Also we went to the chiropractor for him because he has this neck/head ache that he has had for a while so we spent a bunch of time in the doctors last week. Hopefully we will be back to 100% this week!!

Anyways, I hope y'all have a good week!!!!

-Elder Larson

Elder Chester lol!!!

DC Temple with Howard!

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