Monday, June 6, 2016



This week was super crazy but super good! First of all, we got transfer call outs last night and I'm gonna be leaving Glen Burnie:(:( I'm heading off to Walkersville, MD on Wednesday! I'm excited for a new adventure but I'm definitely gonna miss the people here in the Dirty Burnie:/:/

Because of sicknesses and a bunch of other craziness we had to push exchanges with a bunch of elders in the district back to the last week of the transfer, so last week was crazy!!! On Tuesday we went on exchanges with the zone leaders, I went with Elder Sherrat to Annapolis, it was so much fun! Annapolis is paradise! Literally we were contacting people on this cliff over the Chesapeake Bay with trees and below was this nice beach and all the houses probably cost millions of dollars, swimming pools in every back yard where everyone rides around on their beach cruisers, it was a joke! I was definitely excited to get back into my element (the hood) in Glen Burnie haha. On Wednesday, right after we exchanged back, we exchanged with the Odenton elders and Elder Peterson came with me to GB. After that exchange, we immediately exchanged with the other Glen Burnie elders and I went with Elder Tharp into his area and we had some sweet lessons with some of their investigators. One of them, Kathy, who I have actually been there to teach her every lesson so far haha, got the sickest answer to her prayers about the Book of Mormon! She had been reading and praying a ton with real intent (which is what you need to do to get an answer about the Book of Mormon) and she had a dream where apparently she heard God's voice saying that the Book of Mormon was true!! So sick!! And we got to go on base at Fort Meade to help this guy move into Glen Burnie which was pretty cool. That was all in 3 days!

Jamel was able to pass the sacrament this week it was awesome! It's sweet to see somebody who has so recently received the Priesthood be so eager to exercise his authority to bless others, he's a stud!! I'm gonna miss him! Also we had some sick lessons with our investigators this week. We found out that Jason has been getting a lot of push back from his girlfriend and the people that he lives with about him meeting with us. We have been trying to get them involved but it turns out that none of them want anything to do with the church, and they have been asking Jason when he is gonna tell us to buzz off. But Jason stood up for us and for himself and testified to them that he knows what we have been teaching him is true and he doesn't care what any of them think, he wants to be baptized!! Super sick!!! Then we shared the Restoration video with Terrance and he loved it! He has some concerns with the Law of Chastity but he believes that the Book of Mormon is true and he wants to do what God wants him to do. Of course all this happens right as I'm leaving haha! Also we are going to teach this part member family tomorrow and the wife wants to get baptized! Dang! I'm gonna miss Glen Burnie!

I hope y'all have a great week!!!

-Elder Larson

Hey Elder McRae!!! (For Jen & Engor;))

The Bay!


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