Monday, August 1, 2016

1 YR

What's good??

This week was super bien! I hit my year mark on Friday which was super weird but I guess they are right when they say time flies! This week was very wet! I was drenched when it wasn't raining #sweat and also when it was raining, how does that work? The Lord has been treating us well though!

To start things off last week we were at zone training and everyone was getting super stoked about going out to work and seeing a bunch of miracles and everyone's faith was super high and right as zone training was about to wrap up we got a text from church headquarters with a referral for somebody in our area that "wants to join the church". SUPER STOKED!!!! We will be going back this week to meet with them, hopefully everything goes well there! We were able to teach the Restoration to a lady that kinda speaks English but mostly speaks Chinese but that still went really well, the Spirit speaks all languages! Brian is coming along still, and same with Howard. Howard got a new job that has been really hard for him because he has to commute almost 2 hours every day down to Virginia, yikes.. So that has been tough on him, we're working on trying to help him find a job somewhere closer that will be a lot more convenient for him. Pedro is doing really well but we found out that he will be moving out of our area this week so we are gonna have to pass him off to the missionaries where he is going, even though he said he would come drive up here to pick us up so that we could teach him haha!

Everyone out here has been freaking out because they think they are in a drought (I don't know what they're talking about #Utahprobs) but finally the "drought" ended and there was a ton of crazy rain storms, for example our bikes were tied up to a pole and we were trying to put them on the sisters car so they could take them to our apartment but we had to basically swim up the river which was trying to take our bikes down with it in order to get to them. Just kidding it wasn't that bad but for real we had to run through 4-6 inches of rain to get somewhere dry, it wasn't a good week for my attire!

On Sunday we got to sing in sacrament meeting which went pretty well! That sacrament meeting a missionary who just got home gave a talk and a missionary that is leaving this Wednesday gave a talk as well so they decided to make the whole meeting about missionaries and made us sing.

I hope y'all have a good week!

-Elder Larson

Where's Noah at??

Burnin the shirt

Get em in Guatemala Ian!

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