Monday, September 26, 2016


Hey fam!

This week was super good! On Saturday all the missionaries in the Frederick stake ran a 5K in our proselyting clothes for the Religious Coalition group out here, I thought I was gonna die!! But I didn't and it was a ton of fun! Elder Wadsworth and I were wearing Superman shirts under our white shirts and ties and at the finish line we ripped our shirts and we looked like fools!

We had a really good week of missionary work! We picked up 2 new investigators which was money. Jason was a referral from the Frederick elders and when they contacted him he had downloaded the Book of Mormon app a few days before and started reading it, super cool! He kinda looks like Adam Sandler too! Agusta was the other one that we picked up. While we were biking to an appointment with Tim and Felicia, the member that was planning on coming to teach with us texted us last minute and said he couldn't make it, dang! But it kinda worked out because the appointment fell through anyways! So we went to go try by our investigators Tina and Illiassou but instead Agusta answered the door. Neither Tina or Illiassou were there but we taught Agusta right there on the porch and picked her up as an investigator! Also we got back in with Troy this week and we found out that he is super pumped about family history work!!! At the end of our lesson he out of the blue asked us if we can help him with his family history, we can definitely do that! Also we got back in with Chris (Jimmer's cousin) and Megan and they are doing well! Megan has read all the way to 1 Nephi 14 and so far likes it, Chris is slacking though and only read the Introduction! They are awesome though, they should be coming to church in 2 weeks! Also Mariah is still pumped for baptism on October 8th and she's already talking about who she wants to baptize her, stoked!!

Have a good week!

-Elder Larson

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