Tuesday, September 6, 2016


What's up guys!!

This week was strange so it was a good week! It is finally showing signs of cooling down which is a huge blessing, I rode my bike to an appointment without showing up to their house completely drenched in sweat for the first time since like April, sick! Fall is the worst season as a missionary though because it's football season:/:/ </3 Just kidding serving the Lord is better than watching football!

This week we picked up 3 new investigators!! Tim and Felicia are a younger couple that we originally met a couple months ago while helping a member move, they are awesome! We went over to their place and taught them the Restoration with Landry and it answered a ton of questions they had! I'm super pumped to teach them the Plan of Salvation too because Felicia has a ton of answers about religion that the Plan of Salvation will answer! The Plan of Salvation is legit! The other investigator we picked up is Tina and she lives with Iliassou, she is from Sierra-Leon. Also we got in with Howard again and we had a sweet lesson with him! We taught him about Lehi's vision of the tree of life and it related really well to him in his life. He told us all the things in his life that are like the people in the "great and spacious building" that are trying to draw him away from God and he made a game plan on how he can hold on to the iron rod. We had a bunch of investigators that were out of town all week too, people go on vacation so much out here it's crazy!

It's time for the funny moment of the week that would only happen on the mission... So we saw Carlos (he's our gay investigator) again for the first time in a while and he invited us in while he was cleaning his house (at 8 oclock at night) so we asked him what he was cleaning his house for so late at night.. He told us that he was throwing a birthday party for one of his friends and that they were going to have a cookout the next day, and he invited us to come. Of course we went because missionaries love cookouts! First thing we saw when we walked into his house was a table completely full of vodka, tequila and just about any kind of alcohol you can think of! A few steps into his house later we discovered that everyone there was gay and it turns out that his friend that he was throwing this party for happened to be his husband... So we politely got some food and hung out with a bunch of wasted gay dudes and then bounced out A$AP haha!! They didn't say anything about this when I signed up for this mission thing!!

Have a good week!!

-Elder Larson

The District (aka Relief Society)

Goodbye Elder Meyer:/

Brother Pederson and Elder Larson

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