Monday, March 6, 2017


How are y'all doing? This week was really hectic and it seemed like we didn't get anything done but at the same time we took care of so much stuff! Pretty much everything that we have to deal with over the course of a transfer all fell into last week, plus some extra stuff too. Nevertheless it was a good week, or as Fergie would say, it was glamorous.

To start out we were playing ball and I rolled my ankle #oldman so that made the week 1.7x more adventurous already. Then the next day we had some money lessons with Katrina and Steve (returning less active that grew up in the bloods). Favorite quote of the day that was used by one of the people that we are working with in a lesson: "That was an amazing prayer Elder. Your voice sounds like a mix of Fergie and Jesus". (Heck yeah I referred to Fergie twice in a missionary email). Then the craziness commenced. To begin, I made the mistake of eating some left over African food that has been in our fridge for a while and that really messed my stomach up #nice and then we went out looking for a new apartment with our housing coordinator. We are moving at the end of the month which will be good! Then we did some service with 40 mph winds coming at us. Then we taught the Book of Mormon class that the ward mission leader here holds every week. Then the next day we had zone conference all day which was super good! They talked a ton about working with people around our age because we are huge examples to the people around our age and they are really open to change (I will refer to this in a little bit). Then we had a meeting with a bunch of the leaders in our stake, after which we had interviews with our mission president. Then we had an appointment with someone that ordered a Book of Mormon and when we got there we realized that we didn't have any copies of the Book of Mormon with us!! #noobs After contemplation we decided to not go to the appointment because we know what happens when missionaries don't come prepared with a Book of Mormon to a lesson (watch Saratov Approach). So we decided to go to Chic-Fil-A because it was 8:30 and we hadn't eaten yet. Inspired decision! While we were ordering our food one of the workers approached us and told us how his mom is a Mormon (he is around our age) which sparked a bunch of questions from one of the other workers (that is around our age;) that I was able to answer. After eating I felt like I should go and talk to the kid whose mom is a member and get his information and he mentioned to us that he has been meaning to come to church one of these days, he just doesn't know where the church is at! So I asked him for his phone number and the other curious worker interrupted and gave me his phone number and told me that he wants to learn more too. Money!!! Chic-Fil-A is inspired!

To continue, we had baptism interviews for Troy and Sebastian and they both passed! Then we had an all day blitz in the Chesapeake ward to rescue a bunch of the less actives in the ward. Also we held our district leader council that same day. In the midst of all that we prepared everything for zone training which will be tomorrow. And there are other things that I know I am forgetting. Wild week!

Troy and Katrina will be getting baptized this week and we are super pumped for that! Miracle that happened during the ward rescue effort: we stopped by a really less active member who didn't answer so we decided that we would call her to see if she still lived there. She answered the phone and we explained that we were the missionaries and that we hadn't seen her in a while and we were just checking up on her. To paraphrase what she said back: "Oh wow. I'm actually outside the Twin Falls Idaho temple right now for a temple picture." What are the odds??!!!

Have a good week!

-Elder Larson

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