Monday, March 27, 2017


Howdy squad!

This week was happening! We opened the week out with district meeting out in Jones Falls which was very spiritual. After that we rushed back to our apartment and began the move! In the midst of taking care of that we got some fresh Mission BBQ and then we resumed the laborious task. Luckily everything went well and we got in to our new apartment with out any trouble. It is super nice!

Unfortunately, getting moved out and deep cleaning our old apartment took a good portion of our proselyting time last week. But we still got to see some sweet miracles! On Thursday we went on exchanges with the Jones Falls elders, Elder Poulsen came with me into our area. We set some good goals and then went out and hit it all day! We started out with a money lesson with Sebastian. Our ward mission leader, Bro B, came with us to teach him. It was awesome because the two of them have really similar backgrounds. Bro B bore some solid testimony as he shared his whole conversion story when he was back in the Philippines. He was baptized when he was 17 in the Philippines and the church wasn't very big back there. He didn't have home teachers or even a church building to attend but the thing that kept his faith strong was by reading the Book of Mormon. I think that is something that is really important for all of us, when we study the scriptures we will be building our foundation on Christ and if that is the case then we will not fall. I would recommend to all of you that you figure out a time that you can set apart every day to study the scriptures. If you do you will be firm in your foundation and when the storms are raging you will not lose your grip. Sebastian came to church this week and will be back on date soon as well! Also Justin has been on fire!! He has been reading the Book of Mormon and knows that it is true and has been eating up all the lessons that we have taught him. He came to church on Sunday and loved it! Also Katrina was confirmed in church finally and she is doing awesome! She is super pumped to get to the temple and to go visiting teaching! After she got confirmed she kept saying "HALLELUJAH" and when the first counselor welcomed her into the ward she said "AMEN!!" She's a riot, but in a good way haha!

We got call-outs last night and I found out that I'll be staying here in Chesapeake for another transfer! This will be my 5th transfer here aka 7 months! I'm pumped! Unfortunately, Elder Jones is getting transferred out so I'll get my 4th companion in this area on Wednesday.

Fun story of the week; we were doing our typical nightly routine, writing in our journals and crazy stuff like that when we heard a bunch of shouting outside our apartment. I ran to the door and started watching the action from the peep hole of our front door. 4 cops hastily chased this bigger black lady and caught her right in front of our apartment door! In confusion, we watched/listened as they pointed guns at her, handcuffed her and toss her in the back of the cop car because she was in possession and under the influence of "Coke". What's wrong with Coke??? 😉

Have a good week squad!

-Elder Larson

The "Peake board" (mission legends) and new apartment


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