Monday, March 20, 2017



This week was sick!! Again, we were super busy and it seemed like the whole week we barely had any time to go out and find people to teach. But it's good though, we have been working with a bunch of people! On top of that, we have been getting ready to move apartments (tomorrow) so that'll be nice to get out of the way! If any of you have been watching the news (I haven't so this could be wrong, but this is what everyone tells me) you have probably heard about "Storm Stella" and are probably worried about everyone that lives on the East Coast. I hate to break it to you, but that is all false doctrine. It snowed 3 inches and the whole city of Baltimore shut down. These poor kids were neglected of their educational nourishment and didn't have school the whole week except for Monday..  It's a messed up world...

On Saturday my companion and I were invited to attend the priesthood leadership meeting for the stake before stake conference. After we broke out into different auxiliaries everyone came back into the chapel to close off the meeting. My companion and I noticed that there was an investigator or a very recently baptized convert there in the meeting.. The reason we thought that is because everyone in the room was wearing white shirts and ties and there was one dude in there wearing a beanie and a gray shirt. One might have said: "he looks like a scrub". Regardless, the meeting continued and the stake president gave a good talk. During that talk he mentioned that an all-pro NFL safety (he actually said linebacker but that's beside the point haha) Eric Weddle was going to be talking in stake conference the next day. Said "scrub" stood up, raising his hand and said something along the lines of "that's me!" My comp and I almost soiled ourselves! (Sorry for the bad language) He was only 2 rows in front of us! After the talk was over we had dinner and we got to sit next to Eric and talk to him for an hour, it was so sick! No joke Eric Weddle was one of my heroes in football growing up and I got to post up with him in a priesthood leadership meeting! So sick!!! (Don't worry, I have picture proof;)

On the missionary side of things, after that meeting we went out and found 2 new investigators, their names are Justin and Malik. It was really cool because in the 1 hour block that we taught them was pretty much our only window of opportunity that we had to find any new investigators and we found 2! They are brothers and hopefully we will get to teach the rest of their family next time!

Have a good week!!

-Elder Larson

Eric Weddle!!!

I disagree

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