Monday, March 21, 2016


What's up fam??

I hope y'all had an outrageous week! Cuz we did! The work has been kinda slow so we have been out contacting and knocking doors constantly trying to find some people to teach! I don't know why but we have been bashed by more people this week than I ever have my whole mission haha! They tell us to avoid bible bashing with people as much as possible because nothing good ever comes from bashing. We have a few investigators, one of them (Linda) has actually been coming to ward activities and church and stuff so hopefully we will be able to put her on date to be baptized! 

We picked up a new investigator yesterday, his name is Earnest and he is an OG (original gangster) in this area haha. Everytime we see him he tells us that we are his favorite white dudes and that we are "flippin(except he doesn't use that word) classy". It was actually really cool how we picked him up! Yesterday Elder Burtenshaw and I were as determined as you can get to find a new investigator because we hadn't found one all week and we were gonna do everything we could to find one. We stopped by everyone that we had on the plans and nothing was coming through and we tried knocking a ton of houses and we just kept getting bashed, Satan was trying to get us to give up! We went to go stop by Earnest's house but his car wasn't there so we tried knocking anyways and nobody answered:/ In frustration we started knocking at
all of his neighbors doors and still nobody was answering and then right as we were about to leave Earnest pulled up in his car with his Gucci glasses on and we taught him and picked him up as an investigator! Super sick miracle!

Also Elder Burtenshaw and I found out that we are going to get a mini missionary to join us in a couple weeks we are pumped! Other than that we have just been enjoying the work and meeting some awesome people!

I hope y'all have a good week!

-Elder Larson

7 Eleven Slurpee Day:)

Big Boiz

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