Monday, March 28, 2016


What's good???

We had a crazy/amazing week here in the Dirty Burnie!! To start things off we had MLC in Columbia and Elder Carlson came to speak to us it was awesome! Super spiritual experience! We didn't get home until super late! By that I mean 11:30 lol.. Then we had district meeting and we all got super pumped! Which worked because right after Elder Burtenshaw and I went and picked up 4 new investigators!! The mom was a referral and her kids are all super cool! Her name is Pebbles and they are all super hood and super solid! They are all stoked about prophets and the Book of Mormon!! The best part is that there are 4 or 5 more people in their family that we could potentially pick up too! Super pumped!

On Thursday I went on exchanges into Brooklyn Park aka THE HOOD haha it was so sick! We tracted through Cherry Hill which is apparently the most dangerous place in America haha! When we were waiting for the light rail we saw some guy smoke crack and then he came over to us and told us that he just smoked crack and then we got a return appointment with him haha! And he lives in Glen Burnie so I was pumped about that! But pretty much everywhere we went people were telling us to be careful or to get out of the area before something happened to us. In that area it is less than 10% white people haha. Super fun!!

Saturday we found out that a lady got evicted so we went and helped her move so we had to ditch our plans for the night because we were in a completely different area and we were on bikes. So we prayed that we would be able to make an effective use of the rest of the night and that we would have some awesome opportunities to share the gospel. As we were walking through our apartment complex we came across a family that was moving into the 4th floor and they had a HUGE moving van packed to the top with stuff to move up to their new apartment and everyone there was super tired and ready to give up and then we came in and moved pretty much the entire truck up to their apartment and they were all amazed!! A bunch of them told us that we were answers to their prayers and that we were angels! So we are going back this week to teach them so we're pretty pumped about that!

Also last night we were walking around contacting and we taught a guy while he was smoking weed and he is super stoked about the gospel haha!! And we picked him up as an investigator! We might have gotten second hand high from it, I promise I don't have a problem with the Word of Wisdom hahaha!!!

Have a good week!!!

-Elder Larson


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