Monday, May 23, 2016


Hello Fam,

What's good??? This week was super good! Definitely crazy though! We had district meeting on Tuesday and afterwards I went on exchanges with Elder McElvany, he's a stud!! We were able to get in with Michael and although he was pretty hung over from the night before it was still good to see him! He rapped for us about Pokemon hahaha it was super dope! I got a video of it but unfortunately I can't send it:/:/ Then right after that we ran into Kevin again (Kevin is my boy) and he used to play basketball in high school so of course I challenged him to 1 on 1! But we had a wager to it, if I won he had to come to church, and if he won I had to buy him lunch! We shook on it and everything it was official! It brought back a ton of memories of high school sports and talkin heat with everyone that we played hahaha I miss being a punk! Anyways we played on Wednesday and I ended up beating him #ballislife!! He wasn't able to come to church this week unfortunately but he's gonna come soon!

On Thursday I went on exchanges with Elder Guymon from the other Glen Burnie set and we had a money exchange! They have been having a hard time working lately but we got out to work and found 2 investigators that day so it was super good for him!! One of those investigators is Avaughn, we contacted him on the street in his wife beater, he is covered in tats and the dude is 19! He's the man though!

Finally, Jamel had his baptism interview yesterday with the zone leaders and he passed and is ready to be baptized on Saturday #stoked!! He was super nervous for the interview though haha! He's a stud! Linda came to church too which was good! By the way, we had Linda give the closing prayer in one of our lessons with her and she started praying to us!!! Yes us the missionaries!!! Hahaha it was hilarious, her daughter and ex husband were laughing so dang hard! Sorry Linda but I can't answer your prayers! She's awesome though!

Anyways, I hope y'all have a fantastic week!!

-Elder Larson

Ballin with Kevin


Bowling with the District

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