Monday, May 9, 2016

MAMMA'S DAY!!!!:):):)

What's up!!

This week was super hard but awesome!! For some reason it was super hard to get in with people this week, but that's just how it goes sometimes. Although we weren't able to teach as many lessons as we would have liked, we still had some awesome lessons though! After 2 hard days of walking in the rain getting splashed by cars, accidentally taking the wrong bus out of our area and not getting in with anyone, we finally got in with our investigator Terrance. We were both pretty frustrated but we kept working super hard and it payed off! To remind you, Terrance is a minister at the Mount Calvary Methodist church and we haven't been able to get in with him for a few weeks because his cousin was shot and killed up in Pittsburgh. We finally got in with him and had one of the most spiritual lessons I have taught on my mission! It was amazing! We put him on date to be baptized on June 11! Super stoked!! Also we had an awesome lesson with Jamell too. We were re-teaching him the Restoration and we decided to show him the Restoration movie. He rides his bike everywhere and he was super tired that morning and he was knocked out sleeping as soon as we put the video in! I was super bummed but I was praying so hard  that he would wake up for the First Vision. Sure enough... as soon as Joseph Smith walked into the Sacred Grove in the movie Jamell wakes up in a jolt and 100% of his attention was towards the movie. Super sick!!! The Spirit was unbelievably strong the whole time it was awesome! Also he came to church and is back on date to be baptized on May 28!

We had some pretty crazy lessons too haha... We were teaching John and Marjory, a super old black couple, and the entire time Marjory was winking at me hahaha!!! Even when we asked her a question she wouldn't say anything and just winked at me hahaha. On the bright side of things we were able to pick up their daughter as an investigator and there are like 10 other people that live there too so we could potentially pick them up too haha. Also while we were tracting we contacted these brothas that were out in their driveway playing basketball and they said that we could only preach to them by playing basketball, I love when that happens! We destroyed them though haha and we would have taught them but they were all super drunk and we had to go to an appointment.. But at least we taught them that white boys can ball!!! #ballislife 

Also it was Mothers Day which was awesome of course!! Have a good week!!

-Elder Larson

Jen <3 Zach (Mamma's Day)

May the 4th duhh (Elder Boyde)

My study chair:/ (it's the last one too)

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