Tuesday, May 31, 2016


What's good??

This week was wild!!! Jamel was baptized on Saturday!!! Super pumped about that!! It was pretty crazy I'm not gonna lie! First of all, the AC in the church broke so it was a hot sauna in there! Then Jamel showed up to the church in his baptism suit and didn't bring a change of clothes so he had to run back home and grab some clothes so he had something to change into afterwards haha so the service started a little bit late. We had our recent convert who was baptized in March baptize Jamel which was super awesome but at the same time super nerve racking! Even after a bunch of coaching as soon as they got into the font, neither of them knew what to do hahaha! But it was awesome! One of the best baptisms I have been to!!  Jamel is a stud! In sacrament meeting we confirmed him and gave him the Holy Ghost. After sacrament meeting when church was over (we only had sacrament meeting because the AC was still broken and it was super hot) I had the opportunity to confer upon Jamel the Aaronic Priesthood! Super cool experience!!

Although this week was amazing it was definitely one of the more stressful ones for myself! To start things off, on Tuesday my companion woke up sick and was unable to go to district meeting so we had to do an emergency exchange with the other Glen Burnie elders so that I could make it to district meeting and we had to push off exchanges that we were supposed to do that day with the Odenton elders. The craziest part about that day was that we had 4 set appointments and the other Glen Burnie elders had 3 set appointments.... So 2 of us had to cover all of those appointments that were all over the place!!! Miraculously we were able to actually get in and teach 6 of the 7 appointments! Crazy day!! Other than that we had zone conference which was awesome, also we picked up 5 new investigators this week!! #DirtyBurnie. Yesterday we had the opportunity to on top of Jamel's confirmation and ordination we gave 4 more priesthood blessings! Super spiritual day! I know what it means to be spiritually exhausted!

I hope y'all have a good week!!

-Elder Larson

Hey Cody!


Jamel and Bro. De Maria

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