Monday, January 16, 2017


What's good??

This week was $$$$$$$$$!!! (not in actual money but in blessings from Heavenly Father). To start it out, we had zone training on Tuesday and afterwards lunch was provided for the whole zone by the mission president's wife because our zone won a competition in the mission Christmas conference. It was super good! Zone training turned out good as well! Then I went on exchanges with Elder Garcia and he came to my area. We had a sick lesson with the Silvers, we taught Troy the Word of Wisdom and Renee (who hasn't smoked a cigarette since Dec. 28) bore strong testimony of it to her son! It was amazing! Later that week we also taught him the Law of Chastity and he committed to live both of them!! They are doing so well!!

I was gonna wait until the end of my letter to tell y'all about this but I can't wait any longer and very few of you probably ever reach the end of my letters anyways so I'll put it here.... Anyways, 6 OF OUR INVESTIGATORS CAME TO CHURCH YESTERDAY!!!!! #$$$$$$$$$$$ SO PUMPED!!!! Renee, Troy and Rebecca all came and are now on date for baptism on February 4. Katrina came and is on date for February 11 and Samara & Chris came and Samara is on date for February 11. Greg came as well and he will be on date soon. Super stoked!!! We also had a ton of recent converts and less actives come to church as well (including a guy who just reached out to us and wants to get back into church who is this JACKED Asian dude that grew up in all sorts of gangs and he gave us some fresh hair cuts). That was a good Sunday!!

While I was on exchanges this week I was planning for the next day and while I was planning I really felt like we should stop by our investigators Katrina & John. The next day we show up at her door and she lets us right in to teach her. Before we began the lesson she opened up to us about a dream that she had the previous night that was really bothering her. Katrina has been going through a ton. She has been fighting cancer for the past 6 years and on top of that in 2013 her son was murdered here in Baltimore. In the dream she had, her son appeared to her and looked extremely cold. He kept saying to her that he is cold and that he needs her (Katrina) to go find him. "Coincidentally" we had planned to teach Katrina about the Plan of Salvation that day and how those that didn't get the chance to accept the Gospel of Jesus Christ and be baptized will learn about the gospel in the spirit world and about how we have the responsibility and privilege to perform ordinances such as baptism for our deceased family members in the temple. (if you are reading this and don't know what it all means go to By the end of the lesson all the worries that Katrina had were wiped clean and she was so pumped to be able to do that for her son. Right then we put her on date for baptism on February 11. Such a sweet lesson! Also this week we picked up 2 new investigators and the huge family that we were teaching now consists of 10 people. Dang! Hopefully we can get them to church and progressing towards baptism soon.

Have a good week!!!

-Elder Larson

Sistas trynna get at us!!

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