Thursday, January 26, 2017


What's good squad???

This week was good!!! We started off the week with a crazy lesson where we brought a member and basically the member and the investigator bashed with each other for an hour!! But we somehow brought it back and it ended up being somewhat spiritual. Haha good stuff! Things are going well with our investigators though. Renee is doing well but she has been facing a bunch of opposition. This week a last minute opening came up for her on a house that was nearby where she was living with her mom so she jumped on it. It was good that she found it and everything but the timing of it was not the best for her, she already has so much crazy stuff going on in her life and it is starting to pile up on her. But luckily we had an amazing lesson with her and with her member friend Sister Starks is really supportive to her and has helped her out a ton. All week Renee was working on her new house, she even worked on her house all Saturday and through the night until 8 Sunday morning. The amazing thing is that she still came to church! So much faith!!!

One of the investigators that we found this week, Ed, is the reason (I believe) that we share the gospel with anyone wherever we go.  We taught him the Restoration and when it came to the time that we taught him about the Book of Mormon he shared with is that he already had one.  Several years ago he drove a shuttle service at the airport for people going to and from the airport.  One day he drove a man that shared with him something very special (in his own words).  The man didn't have much money to leave for a tip but he did have a copy of the Book of Mormon that he left with Ed along with a brief explanation.  Ed told us how he was very grateful (I would presume eternally grateful) and that it was the greatest treasure that anyone could ever give him (again from his own words).  What seemed like a simply placed Book of Mormon that would collect dust on somebody's shelf for years really was a seed planted that is now ready to harvest.  Member missionary work is so important!

Katrina, Samara, and Renee and her kids are still planning on getting baptized at the beginning of February. Good stuff happens when you are on God's team!!! #RideWitUs!!! 

Have a good week!!
-Elder Larson

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