Monday, January 30, 2017

LIFE CHANGING (as a missionary) WEEK & FAMILY OF 11

What's good???

This week was good! To start the week off we had a good lesson with the Silvers at their new house in the hood of Baltimore. They are all doing well and Renee is on date for baptism for this Saturday. We are not sure if it will happen this Saturday but if it doesn't it will for sure be in the coming weeks. Things are really crazy for her right now and especially because it is the week before her baptism (because things are always really crazy for investigators the week before baptism (#adversary)) but she is a stud so it will all work out!! Her kids will be getting baptized as soon as they can get to church 3 times  so it should be within the next month. Katrina is doing really well but she missed church this week so we will have to push her baptism back as well. Samara is still doing well and planning on getting baptized on Feb. 11. Please keep our investigators in your prayers!! The adversary desires to sift them as wheat!

On to the life changing story... (I hope you didn't get your hopes up for this because it probably won't be exciting to you at all if you're not a missionary haha). But this week we had a worldwide missionary broadcast and they changed a bunch of stuff in the daily missionary schedule. We used to plan at night when we would get home at 9 PM but now we plan in the morning, now preparation days are longer and they cut out a bunch of the numbers that we have to record each week, called Key Indicators, so we will just focus on the results which are teaching repentance and baptizing converts! I'm pumped about the changes!

This week we found 2 new investigators, their names are Doug and Justin. Justin is a part of the Bigaba family (the gigantic family that we are teaching) and he is the 11th member of that family that we have officially picked up as an investigator. Huge family!!!!! He seems really solid and hopefully we can get them progressing!!! 

Anyways, God loves you and Joseph Smith was a prophet and if you don't know that for yourself then pray and find out! It has blessed my life so much! Have a good week fam!!!

-Elder Larson

Stephani J is super bummed that I snagged a selfie while she was doing her hair!! #oops

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