Monday, August 22, 2016


This week was a lot of fun!! At the beginning of the week there were some more crazy rain storms that we got caught in but that just made things a little bit more fun! And if you are from Utah you wouldn't understand what I mean by crazy rainstorms.. Literally in seconds there was a couple of inches of rain that we had to run through to find some sort of cover haha, I bet everyone laughs at us when it rains out here! Also I went on exchanges with Elder Wilson to Braddock Heights again (he is from Farmington and went to Viewmont, small Mormon world) and that was a ton of fun!

The work has been going really well lately, we had an awesome day on Sunday! First of all, the Frederick elders texted us saying that some guy who lives in our area just showed up to their ward because he wants a new church and decided to come to ours so hopefully we will start teaching him soon! The past couple weeks a recently re-activated member (Bro. Temple) brought his sister who just moved in with him to church and last night we went over and taught her the Restoration and accepted baptism so that went well! Right after that we went and taught the Restoration to Iliassou, who is from Niger. The problem was that Iliassou hardly speaks any English because he very recently moved here to the states and speaks French. So we brought a recent convert in our ward (Landry, he was baptized in May) who is from Gabon and speaks French as well. It was the sickest lesson! Landry translated the entire lesson and bore his testimony on everything that we taught, it was amazing how strong the Spirit was there even though you couldn't understand half of what was being said! Landry is a stud though, we have been doing a lot of work with him because he is so fired up about sharing the gospel, it's amazing what the gospel can do in peoples lives in such a short amount of time!

Funny story for the week, we were walking around talking to people and a group of hood rats (like 8 yrs old) came up to us and were asking us if we had any Gatorade that we could give them (last time they saw us I hooked them up with Gatorade) but unfortunately I didn't. But they wanted something so they asked if I had any soda, water or anything, but the only thing I had were copies of the Book of Mormon. So the hood rat leader asked for a Book of Mormon. I gave him it but I made him promise me that he would take it to his house right then so he wouldn't destroy it while riding his bike, and that's what he did. Right after I gave him the book he caught a glimpse of Elder Nelson's shoes and shouted "WHAT ARE THOSE???" hahaha then all of the hood rat kids started making fun of Elder Nelson's shoes it was hilarious! Have a good week!!!

-Elder Larson

V HOUSE with Elder Wilson

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