Monday, August 8, 2016

POLICE OR MISSIONARIES??? & flooded basement:/

Hey fam,

This week was bien!!! First of all, yesterday we picked up our mini missionary, Justin, who will be with us until Saturday. I love mini missionaries because the work is always better when they are with us! This week was wild though! It was temple week so we didn't have our preparation day until the day we went to the temple, which in our case was Saturday, so we had almost 2 weeks with no preparation day! In other words we couldn't shop or clean our place for 2 weeks..

The work has been going a lot better thankfully, we knocked a ton of doors and talked to a ton of people and in return the Lord blessed us with new people to teach! We finally were able to get in with this guy named Troy who we had talked to several times but never had the chance to teach him, and he was super stoked about the Book of Mormon! He and his girlfriend just had a baby a little less than a month ago and the gospel is gonna be clutch for them in raising her. Also we contacted his next door neighbor, Mike, and he has talked to missionaries before so he invited us over and we picked him up as an investigator too! He is pumped about the gospel too and is excited to start reading the Book of Mormon. Brian is doing well, we feel that he is getting close to breaking through towards baptism. While we went to the temple as a ward he hung out at the temple visitors center and he said he loved it! Also Carlos has read all the way to 2 Nephi 1, a lot of good stuff is happening out here!

Just to make things spicy this week, our water heater decided to malfunction and flood our basement twice this week which was pretty annoying not gonna lie! The first time we assumed it was from all the crazy rain storms that happened last week that flooded everyone else so we called our land lords and mopped everything up so there wasn't any damage, luckily the basement is unfinished! But they told us to check on it the next day to make sure it wasn't something else. Sure enough, we went down the next day and it was flooded again! Dang! Turns out that the water heater was super old and was leaking water everywhere.

To make things even spicier, we got to do some undercover police work this week😎  We were walking around talking to people and a cop that was chillin in his car yelled for us to come talk to him (uh oh) and I thought he was going to try to get mad at us for proselyting because he was a servant of the devil but it turns out that he just needed help from some fresh Mormon brothas. Apparently the cops were onto some guy that was armed and dangerous and he needed us to walk up through the neighborhood where they thought he was and get the license plate number on his white Mitsubishi, but he made it clear to us not to talk to him because he is dangerous. Dog, we've got the Lord on our side! But we still obeyed him and went up there but he wasn't there so we failed our objective:/

Anyways, I hope y'all have a good week!!

-Elder Larson

(I left my camera at the apartment:/ pics next week (sorry mom))
Elder Nelson, Elder Wrye (mini missionary) and Elder Larson

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