Monday, August 15, 2016


What's good?
This week was awesome! First of all we had our mini missionary with us all week and he is a stud! His name is Justin and he's from Martinsburg, WV. But of course the week went by super fast and we already said goodbye to him on Saturday dang:/
Our investigators are coming along though, we taught Brian the Word of Wisdom and at the end of it he bore testimony of it because he has already seen blessings from it since he and his wife have stopped drinking. The Word of Wisdom is legit! He has actually been reading the Book of Mormon too which is good, he'll get there! Troy is doing good, he read the Intro of the BoM, the testimonies of the witnesses and through to 1 Nephi 3, what a stud! Also this week we picked up Jimmer Fredette's cousin (Chris) and his girlfriend (Megan) as investigators! They are super solid! Megan said that she would read the Book of Mormon in 3 days and they both accepted baptism! They are awesome! We saw Carlos this week too and he said he was gonna come to a baptism on Saturday at the stake center but something came up so he couldn't dang! The work is going well though!

Fun story of the week... I am Samuel the Lamanite!! Just kidding that's false doctrine.. But while we were biking on Saturday we heard a bunch of popping sounds but we didn't think too much of it so we continued to meander along to the next pole where we tied up our bikes. I noticed that the popping sounds didn't stop so I looked around and sure enough there was a guy who pulled his truck over onto the grass and he was hiding behind the door shooting at us with a paintball gun haha!! He probably tried to shoot at least 25 paint balls at us, but he didn't hit either of us once! Samuel the Lamanite!!! Have a good week!
-Elder Larson

Justin aka JMoney (mini missionary)


Ricardo my man!

Temple with Elder Nelson

DC Temple

The 3 Amigos (Elder Nelson, Justin, and Elder Larson)

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