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#3 Ugliest City in America!!!!!

November 16, 2015

What's up guys?!?!

It has been a sick week here in Antietam!! Some less active members informed us that Hagerstown is the 3rd ugliest city in the United States which surprises me because I thought it would have been #1 for sure lol!!! Lol on the serious side of things, that less active member that I told y'all about last week actually hadn't been to church in over 18 years and now she has been coming every week! It is truly amazing how powerful the spirit can be in one's conversion, even if they are already members!

This week we have been trying our hardest to pick up some new investigators and it has been pretty tough! The thing about Hagerstown is it's hard to find those that are going to be able to actually keep commitments and actually try to come closer to the Savior. There are plenty of people that want to receive the blessings that come along with the gospel but not have to do anything to get them. When we ask a lot of people why they go to their churches they straight up tell us all of the time that the reason they go there is because they don't have to do anything lol! But lately people have been trying to bible bash us a ton!! Sometimes it is hard not to bash them back haha because we're not supposed to do that lol.

We found out that this big long boarding company called Bustin has its headquarters in downtown Hagerstown so we did a little searching/street contacting and we found it haha! It is this sketchy big warehouse on top of this old church and the only way to access it is by going down this sketchy alley. But we knocked on the door and the guys that work there let us in and they were way chill! A bunch of them were pro skate boarders and long boarders and they gave us a tour of the warehouse and showed us where they make all of the boards and stuff and they let us try out a bunch of their skateboards and long boards it was pretty sick!!

Other than that we did a little bit of painting for members and just typical missionary stuff it has been good! Anyways I hope y'all have a good week!

-Elder Larson

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