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December 28, 2015

What's up guys!!! Merry Christmas!! I hope y'all had a fantastic Christmas! This week was a lot of fun! We had our mission-wide Christmas conference and I had to play the guitar at it! I was super nervous about that! This week I have to play the guitar at the DC temple on New Years eve so I'm pretty nervous about that too.. But I'm excited to be able to go see the temple again, the DC temple is so pretty! 

We also did a lot of cleaning in our old apartment because the walls there were really dirty and we have to clean it the best that we can to save the church some money! Missionaries have lived in that apartment for 2 years so it was pretty bad!

On Christmas we had breakfast with the Marvils, they have had the missionaries over for Christmas breakfast for 20 years now, so it was an honor to be their 20th year! Then we got to skype home which was awesome! Then we hung out with the Hertz family and we got to talk to their son Zach who is in the MTC right now which was pretty dope!

This week has been pretty crazy when it comes to missionary work, we were worried for a while because we couldn't get a hold of Fatima or Selina but we finally got a hold of Selina at their apartment and it turns out Fatima has been in Boston all week so that makes sense why we couldn't get a hold of them! But Selina is doing good! After we email we are going over to Diane's hair salon and she is gonna give me a hair cut. Keep them all in your prayers!

Anyways I hope y'all have a fantastic week and a happy new year!! Watch out for drunk drivers!!!

-Elder Larson

Skyping with the Fam

Elder Larson Junior

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