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September 21, 2015

What's up guys!

It has been real Hagerstown!! I got the news last night that I am going to be transferred somewhere else this week:/:/ I'm gonna miss Hub City (Hagerstown lol)!! The bad news is that I don't know where I am going yet or who my next companion is which is killing me. They haven't sent that information out yet which is dumb because it should have been sent out already. But I'm super excited to see where I'm going to serve next!

My companion, Elder White goes home on Wednesday which is super weird, I'm gonna miss him! He keeps asking me about what music he should listen to and movies he should watch when he gets home haha it is soo weird. I'm gonna miss Elder Singleton a bunch too! Our companionship is the best, we have so much fun while working super hard at the same time which is awesome!

On Saturday Antonio got baptized and on Sunday he was confirmed! It was such a cool experience to be a part of!! It was crazy though because we usually visit with him every day to read the Book of Mormon with him and stuff so he wouldn't slip up and drink but he was super busy on Friday so we couldn't visit with him. We tried calling him and texting him a bunch to at least come in contact with him but he wasn't answering us which we were super worried about! It got to the point where it was like 4 hours before his baptism and we hadn't talked to him in like 2 days so we went over to his house to see if he was there and he answered the door and had just woken up. We asked him what he did the day before and he said "I drank a 40 oz" and we were all freaking out, super bummed haha then he said he was kidding and busted up laughing hahah we were so ticked!! He is a funny guy! Also David is getting baptized this Friday which will be awesome!!

I just found out, as I was writing this lol, that I am going to be serving in the Antietam area which is crazy because that is literally the area right next to the one I'm in right now which is still in Hagerstown. So I am still gonna be in Hagerstown hahaha. But it will be nice because I'll be able to go to David's baptism and I have a bunch of friends in this zone already so that is nice! It just stinks that I have to pack everything up and drive 5 minutes to drop everything off lol! But I'm excited it is going to be good! The Antietam ward is really struggling right now so we'll see if we can build it up! Also, Elder Brackett is my companion and I already know him pretty well because we play sports with him and his companion now pretty much every morning. It is gonna be a good transfer!

Also I got to go on exchanges with my MTC companion Elder Allen which was dope!! And I forgot to put this in earlier but we helped Antonio clean out his house and he had this trashy couch in there that we couldn't fit through the door way so we just destroyed it with an ax in his kitchen and dragged the pieces out lol.

Antonio's Couch Removal

Splits with Elder Allen

Antonio's Baptism

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