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September 28, 2015

What's up guys!!!

It has been a crazy but awesome week!! The transfer was successful and I am now in the Antietam area! Which is still in Hagerstown lol just on the other side of the highway so I didn't move far at all. I still go to the same church building and everything haha it is pretty funny. Elder White went home last week which was pretty sad I miss him a bunch!! But my new companion, Elder Brackett is awesome!! Things are going pretty slow in Antietam compared to the Hagerstown ward though. The Antietam ward is a lot smaller and pretty much everyone in it is super old haha. The missionary work is really slow too, there isn't really any member trust with the missionaries here which makes things hard but we are trying to get tight with all of the members!! We don't have any investigators in this area either but we have been trying super hard to find a few new ones!

I get to see my other old companion, Elder Singleton, all the time which is sick! We play sports in the mornings with him and his companion and a few other missionaries in the area it's way fun! And I'm going on exchanges there tomorrow because a member in the Hagerstown ward wanted me and Elder Singleton to teach one of that member's friends so I'm excited to go back there! Also I found out that 2 people that we street contacted and got to teach before I moved to Antietam are on date to be baptized!!! One of them the sisters are teaching but the other one we got to teach and he is super excited about getting baptized!! It is weird going from Hagerstown where there are a bunch of people on date and a bunch of progressing investigators to Antietam where we don't even have 1 investigator lol. But David's baptism got moved to this Friday and he wants me to give a talk on the Holy Ghost after he gets baptized so I'm super pumped about that!! David is awesome!!!

This week we talked to a bunch of crazy people haha we were street contacting downtown and we walked past this bar and one of the guys that worked there came out and stopped us as we walked by and was trying super hard to get us to come into the bar hahaha. He was trying to get us to come in and just get a water and listen to some Bob Dylan with him but we told him no and he started freaking out lol he was super drunk!! Then he said I look like "flippin Justin Bieber" but he didn't use that same word haha. But he was a nice guy and gave us both hugs lol it was weird. I hope you all have a good week!!!

-Elder Larson

Also this is my new address:)

1160 Kenly Ave. Apartment 5

Hagerstown, MD 21740

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