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August 17, 2015

Wassup guys!!!

First week in Maryland has been crazy!!! The humidity was nasty getting off of the plane I felt like I was walking into a sauna! But it is way pretty here there are a ton of trees everywhere and it is super green! But there are no mountains haha. Also I am basically a minority now lol.

But my companion(s) are flippin awesome!! I'm in a trio companionship, being trained by two zone leaders! It is crazy!! I basically get to do everything a zone leader does even though I hardly even know what to do as a regular missionary hahaha. My companions are Elder White and Elder Singleton, Elder White plays baseball and football and Elder Singleton plays football too so we all have a ton in common! They are both crazy and we are always having a ton of fun! I have already met a ton of new people and had a bunch of way cool experiences!

On my very first door knock we got a return appointment. It was some black family in the ghetto haha I love it here! I also got to give my first blessing in the hospital here to a lady who is about to get shoulder surgery because her arm is infected and we all had to dress up in gloves and a gown just to go in the room! And we have been teaching this guy named Antonio and he is way close to being baptized! He is a big black dude who lives in the ghetto of Hagerstown and he is hilarious. Btw Hagerstown is the area that I'm serving in. So far I am loving it here!

If any of you want to write me my address is:
103 N. Edgewood Drive #11
Hagerstown, MD 21740

I love y'all and hope you have a good week!

BTW Elder White is the one on the left and Elder Singleton is on the right

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