Tuesday, February 16, 2016

4 Months

November 23, 2015

What's up guys??

It has been an amazing week!! With all of the new changes in our mission, we are focusing a lot more on finding investigators and getting them to the waters of baptism, and eventually to the temple. We have a mission wide goal to find 2 new investigators a week and if we do so we will double the amount of people that we baptize! So we have been praying a ton to find new investigators!!

Last Thursday was a REALLY slow day. We had no investigators and it seemed like no matter what we tried to do we couldn't find anyone that was interested at all in hearing about the gospel. We couldn't even get into any of the less active members houses that we usually could and we found ourselves sitting in our car trying to find something to do. This whole day I had been praying in my heart that we would find ANYBODY that we could teach. As we were sitting there I had a prompting to go out and talk to a man that had just walked past our car. We got out of the car and started running down the street to catch up to this guy (my companion probably thought I was crazy haha) and we finally caught up to him a couple blocks later and we started talking to him. And he wasn't interested at all lol. But he was talking to a lady that owns a barber shop in the ghetto that is called Divine Blessings and it turns out that she was very interested and we got a return appointment with her! So we went back the next day and taught her the Restoration and she is really interested and we picked her up as an investigator we were so pumped!!! Her name is Diane, make sure you keep her in your prayers!! The Lord really is looking out for us and answers our prayers in crazy but awesome ways!!

Also we got permission from our mission president to go to the temple with a returning less active family that invited us to go with them when they get sealed in the temple! We are super excited about that too, we get to go to that on December 5th!!

Anyways, have a good week guys I love y'all!!!

Also in that picture is Elder Dyer who is from Draper and I used to live super close to him! #twinningiswinning lol 

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