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October 19, 2015

What's up guys!!

Time is flying by and it is getting super cold out here in Hagerstown lol! Out of nowhere yesterday it got really cold and it has been getting below freezing at night so that is a bummer for us haha!

This week has been crazy!! Yesterday we had stake conference and this lady from New Hampshire came up to me and my companion and asked us if we could come give her mother who isn't a member that lives in our area a blessing. She told us that her mom was 90 years old and had Alzheimer's way bad and she is gonna die any minute! So we went over and she looked really really sick and couldn't speak or anything so we gave her a blessing of comfort that the pain would soon be over and that she had people that couldn't wait to see her in heaven and pretty much to help her be ok with dying it was crazy! But the spirit was so unbelievably strong and after we gave her the blessing you could see that she was at peace and that she was feeling better. We haven't heard if she has passed away or not yet but they were saying that they weren't expecting her to live through the night last night.

Also we had a sick lesson with one of our investigators, Daniel, last week too! We showed up at his house and a bunch of the kids from the neighborhood were playing football in his backyard so we went and played with all of them and that was way fun! After that we sat down in the backyard and taught him the restoration and the spirit was way strong then too! He described to us that he had goosebumps and felt really warm when we taught him about the first vision so that was way sick!! Hopefully we can get him on date to be baptized this week! Keep Daniel in your prayers!!

Also Keatin (Elder White who trained me and is home now) is coming back to Maryland to visit us this week so I'm super pumped to see him! I hope y'all have a good week!!!

-Elder Larson

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