Tuesday, February 16, 2016


September 8, 2015

What's up guys!!

This week was super sick!!! First off we have been working a lot with this less active, part member couple and they are awesome! They are both 21 and he was in the junior olympics for wrestling he was way good! Their names are Jenna and Jon and they are both way chill and want to hang out with us all the time. They are gonna come back to church this week for the first time in a while! Jon straight up gave us 3 way nice suits and $500 worth of ties haha we were pretty pumped about that! He isn't a member, but he said he'd come to church if he can take us out to eat somewhere where we can watch the Oregon football game with him so we are going to go do that with him Saturday night! I'm super pumped about that! Also on Saturday we get to go Annapolis where Elder Cook will be speaking to our mission which is super dope!!

There has been a bunch of crazy miracles here lately! The past 2 weeks this guy named David has come to church with his friend who is a member, and we didn't really think much about it because there are a lot of people who will come to check it out but then they won't come back. But we started talking to him and he loves coming to church and he loves the fellowship and the doctrine so we set up a time to come teach him. When we went and taught him, he pretty much knew everything and is super excited about the gospel. He is the definition of the perfect contact, he doesn't have any problems with the law of chastity or the word of wisdom and he is willing to do anything to become a member of the church. He is on date to be baptized on the 26th! He is so sick, he even wants to come out and teach with us haha it's almost to good to be true! Antonio is struggling a little bit with the Word of Wisdom but something in him has changed and he is trying especially hard now to be baptized on the 19th! The work has been really good lately, the Lord really has been watching over us and blessing us everyday!

Also, sorry that this email came out on Tuesday lol all the libraries are closed on Labor Day. But I hope all of you have a good week!!

-Elder Larson

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