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Thug Life

September 14, 2015

Whats up y'all!!

Hagerstown has been crazy the past week haha I love it here.  It is sad that I will probably be leaving here next transfer which is next week! But time is flying, this transfer has gone by way too fast! One of my companions goes home next Wednesday which is way sad:( But it is nice because he is going to give me all of his stuff haha:)

One good thing about being in a zone leader companionship is that we get to go on exchanges with different missionaries all over the place, twice a week! It is awesome because you get to know a ton of missionaries and travel all over the place. This is between me and you but I went on exchanges with Elder Meyer, yes that is Stephanie Meyer's son (shhhh). But he is way dope and yes it is actually legit! It was super ironic because he was with us during the national Twilight day or whatever they call it haha.

Rather than playing basketball this week with our investigators we decided to go to the Hagerstown fairgrounds and play soccer there under the lights! It was way fun because we were with the Spanish speaking elders and there were like a thousand Hispanics there lol soccer is way fun! I never thought I'd be the only one speaking English here in Maryland haha.

We also got to set up Antonio's baptism this week, he is getting baptized this Saturday and we are super excited for that!!! He had been struggling a lot with alcohol but something in him changed and he hasn't done it in a while! Satan has been attacking him literally any way that he can but Antonio has been staying strong which is good! His birthday was on Saturday and we were pretty sketched out because he told us that he usually drinks a ton on his birthday so we went and hung out with him all night! We went and took apple juice shots with him hahaha (we got him apple juice for his b-day) and watched Saratov Approach with him! I can't wait for him to get baptized!

Also on Saturday we got to go down to Annapolis to hear Elder Quentin L. Cook speak to us and I got to shake his hand!!! It was such a spiritual meeting! Being in the presence of one of the 12 apostles strengthened my testimony a ton! And Annapolis is such a pretty city! We got to see a lot of the Navy campus and the football field. It is beautiful there!

While we were going through downtown Hagerstown we saw a guy literally go crazy haha. Like he was legit possessed it was crazy! There are a ton of drugs in Hagerstown so stuff like that happens pretty often believe it or not haha. Just yesterday we were street contacting and there was an ambulance down the street so we asked a bunch of kids who were all dancing around in the street what happened and they said that some guy busted his head open all over the street like it was no big deal haha. They were like 10 years old just dancing around while the ambulance was cleaning this dude up off of the street haha. And there have been a few shootings lately. It's a good thing we go back to the apartment at 9!

We also got to break out the fall sweaters yesterday haha:) I can't wait for fall here, apparently it is breath taking when all the trees start to change colors because there are so many trees here! Anyways, I miss y'all, I'll talk to you next week!

-Elder Larson

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