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August 24, 2015

What's up everyone!!

This week was great!! On Monday I encountered my first basher on the mission haha. We were leaving Walmart and this guy yelled at us and told us to stop and come talk to him so we did and he kept asking us what the Book of Mormon said about God's kingdom and no matter what we said back he would freak out and tell us we were wrong hahaha he was super psycho! It felt like we were talking to the devil himself haha which we probably were. On Tuesday night we were supposed to go teach one of our investigators (Antonio) so we wanted to get a member to come with us to help us teach so we got Vincent to come with us, he is a recent convert. The lesson with Antonio fell through but we were still with Vincent and there was 4 of us so we decided to just do splits so me and Vincent went street contacting in the ghetto of Hagerstown and my companions went somewhere else. Vincent is a huge black dude, he's 6'8" and probably almost 400 pounds so it was way cool to walk around the ghetto and street contact with him. He is a really cool guy and his conversion story is amazing! It was funny because there was this black lady that was super pumped to talk to him and I went up and tried to talk to her and she freaked out at me and said that she only wanted to talk to him hahaha. The struggle is real being white and dressed super nice trying to talk to people in the ghetto but it is way fun and you get to meet a ton of really cool people!

But this week I got to go to two baseball games and I'm going to another one a week from today! On Wednesday we were supposed to do splits with the bishopric but instead we convinced them that we should take Antonio to the local minor league game. They're called the Hagerstown Suns it was super fun! The first councilor in our ward even paid for all of us it was awesome! Then on Friday we got to go to the Baltimore Oriole's game which was way fun! Camden Yards is so sick! It was cool being able to hang out in Baltimore for the day too, the bay area there is super pretty! It was also fun being in the ghetto of Baltimore, we were literally the only white people there haha. But we are going to another Suns game next Monday for family home evening I'm pumped!

On Saturday we went to play basketball at the church with some investigators and like 15 black dudes showed up to play with us haha it was way fun! But most of them wouldn't pray with us when we were leaving haha they probably thought we were the weirdest people. On Sunday Elder Singleton and I got asked to give a talk during sacrament meeting haha I was pretty bummed but it actually went really well! Later that night some of the members hooked us up with some steak it was amazing. We are starting to get to know the families a lot better and we are having people offer us food and dinner and this guy hooked us up with like 6 loaves of bread haha it was dope. The members are awesome here!

That's about all that I have for y'all this week!

-Elder Larson

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