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October 13, 2015

What's up guys!!!!

It has been another sick week in the Antietam area!!! This week Elder Brackett and I picked up 2 new investigators, which are the first ones this area has had in a couple of months!! We have really been working hard and it is finally starting to pay off! Hopefully we will have a couple of baptisms coming up soon, they both seem pretty solid! We actually had a really cool experience with finding one of them, on our GPS there were a few people on their that were unknowns that we didn't know anything about so we were going around and trying to meet these people and one brought us to a house that is split up into two halves and different people live in either sides of it. We went up to the door on the left and the name on the mailbox didn't match the name that we had on the GPS so we knew that it wasn't the right house and that more than likely that person wouldn't have any sort of affiliation with the church anyways but we decided to knock anyways because we knew there was some reason that we needed to be there. So we knocked on the door and nobody answered. But right after we knocked this guy came out of the other door, the one on the left, like he had been expecting us yet we had never talked to him before haha. But we talked to him and told him about the restoration and he wanted to hear more so this week we went back there for two more lessons and he is really excited about the gospel and wants to learn as much as he can! We have another appointment with him on Wednesday and we're stoked about that! The Lord really does place people that need the gospel in our paths, and sometimes it's in the strangest ways!

We finally got to play ball this last Saturday at the church, we haven't been able to for the past couple of weeks. That is always way fun because it is us missionaries and then a bunch of the hood rats from the neighborhood next to the church come play with us haha. It is way fun to go play street ball with people in the ghetto who think we are crazy because we are all dressed up in white shirts and ties hahaha. Also we found out that we are gonna have a senior missionary couple move in to the apartment building right next to ours which could either be way sick for us or a pain because they could be sick and bring us food all the time (because most of the time we don't have any lol) or they could be super strict and rat us out for being 1 minute late back to our apartment at night lol. But we moved all of their stuff into their apartment, we haven't met them yet though! Also sorry for getting this email out on Tuesday, the libraries were closed yesterday. That's pretty much it from this week, I hope y'all have a good week!!

-Elder Larson

Elder Larson with Elder Peterson who is from Centerville

Elder Larson with Elder Meyer (Stephanie Meyer's son)

Companions: Elder Brackett and Larson

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