Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Hood

October 26, 2015

Lol what's up guys!!!

It has been another good week here in Antietam!! Btw I hit my 3 month mark this week so that's pretty sick! 1/8 of the way there haha!! But this week was crazy!! That lady that we gave a blessing to last week passed away which is sad but she was super old! I'm pumped because we're gonna start teaching this guy from Ukraine soon and he's way sick!! It's crazy because when he was in Ukraine 10 years ago he was being taught by the missionaries and almost got baptized but his parents wouldn't let him because they are hardcore catholic lol! So we're pumped to pick him up!!

Also we were in downtown Hagerstown waiting for a member to meet up with us so we could go teach a potential investigator and then across the street some kid that is no older than 12 years old started beating the crap out of a little girl and we thought they were joking or something until she started crying and then ran away it was messed up!! I was in shock after watching it! And we also learned where the prostitute house is here (or at least where one of them is lol).

But on the pleasant side of things, we have been teaching Daniel a bunch lately and we put him on date to be baptized last week!! He is on date for January 2 which is pretty far away but that's what he is comfortable with so we're excited about that!! Last week we got to teach a ton of people it was awesome!! Hopefully this week is as good! Have a good week guys!!! And happy Halloween!!

-Elder Larson

PS fall is beautiful here!!

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